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Departments and Job Fields
Management Planning Division Planning
General Affairs
  • Various Personnel Systems
  • Personnel administration management
  • Management of the office environment/benefits/office support/asset equipment
Finance and Economy
  • Settlement and tax return supervision on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Response to due diligence and Audit
  • Response to Accounting/Tax Issue
Sales Division
  • Establishing sales strategies and promotion strategies by channel
  • Discovering new customers and managing existing customers
Sales Management
  • Organizing/Managing/Reporting sales performance data
  • Support for customer cost processing (payment management, bill processing)
  • Import and export business of pharmaceutical raw material Medications (business communication, customs clearance-related business)
  • Foreign exchange business and the management of the act on registration and evaluation of chemicals
Development Division/research and development agency
  • RA of medication and raw material medication
  • DMF registration and management
  • Rental work for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • New raw materials sourcing
  • Understanding of market trends
  • Sales management and closing
International business development
  • Practical work such as Forecast and ordering, shipping schedule management, smooth communication
  • Task-related to JDMF registration such as communication between ICC and Sangsin-ri, data review/li>
  • Support for new development such as market status and support for new products
  • Customer management development
  • Setting up standards and test methodologies for starting material, IPC, intermediate, and finished products
  • Establishing an Analytical Validation (MV)
  • Prediction Evaluation of Genotoxicity-Related Impurities (QSAR Evaluation)
  • Other Official management including consigned work, slip processing, delivery schedule management, supply, and production details report
Safety Environment
/Public Affairs
  • Management of dangerous items and fire prevention
  • Hazardous chemical compounds, Off-site Risk Assessment, and safety management Auxiliary work for PSM
  • Environmental administration (atmosphere, wastewater)
  • Safety and health management
  • Synthetic raw material production for medicinal items (Practice in the field of synthesis, centrifugation, crushing, and various records preparation)
  • Various records preparation
  • Environmental administration (atmosphere, wastewater)
Quality control physico
  • physico-chemistry testing of raw materials/materials/semi-finished products/finished products, calibration of equipment, and qualification evaluation
Quality Assurance
  • Other documents management including SOP standard
  • Evaluation of suppliers and data management
  • Management of Returns and Complaints
  • Product delivery for clients
  • production packagings such as selection and packaging work
  • writing a record