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About Us
With a warm heart, we look after people's health and happiness.
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The pharmaceutical industry aims to create a healthy society by respecting life and humans. Since our company's foundation in 1974, we have been practicing creation, challenges, harmonization, and sharing warm hearts with this sense of mission for over 40 years.

Hwail Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., which began on the foundation of drug substances, is currently stepping up efforts to become a fully integrated pharmaceutical company by advancing into bio-sector companies, including finished drugs and food.

We will never forget that this development has been made possible owing to the ongoing attention and encouragement of our customers, pharmaceutical and food industries, research institutes, and other partners.

The executives and staff of Hwail Pharmaceutical will make the best effort to become a company loved by suppliers, shareholders, and family members by putting continuous R&D, excellent quality management, and transparent management into practice with a sense of mission and pride as a "National Health-Guard."
Thank you.
All executives and staff members of Hwail Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd